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Bank Financing

If You Need Bank Financing, It Pays To Be Prepared

The US Department of the Treasury has invested more than $3.9 billion in community banks across 47 states and the
District of Columbia as part of the Small Business Lending Fund. Despite the availability of these funds, however,
many small business owners have discovered the hard way that securing bank financing is not an easy task. If you’ve
tried - and been unsuccessful at - obtaining bank financing for your small business without the help of a trusted
advisor like us, you may be wondering where you went wrong.

Banks are not in the business of handing out money to everyone who asks. When you apply for a loan, they are
evaluating your ability to pay back that loan by examining a number of factors. Whether you need money for startup
costs or expanding your business, understanding what a bank wants and how to prepare for it can mean the
difference between securing the financing you need or having to scrape together cash from other sources.

How We Help You Secure Bank Financing

Executive Summary

Personal Finances

Pro Forma

Lender Introductions

Financial Statements


The first step we take is to make sure we understand your business and what you are trying to achieve. Next, we take
a look at financial performance and projections and identify potential sources for financing. The final step is to work
with you to prepare a successful business loan proposal that includes the following services.

Are you ready to get the financing you deserve?

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