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Our heart is to serve your business to the max. Check out our comprehensive list of services below.

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The quickest way to get a detailed understanding of the services we offer is to schedule a consultation. This will give you the opportunity to thoroughly discuss your goals with Lei, that we can build a strategy together!

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Accurate bookkeeping is essential to your company’s long-term viability. Experienced, affordable, and reliable, we
serve a variety of industries and clients from self-employed home-based business owners to small and medium-sized
businesses with employees. When you outsource your bookkeeping services to us you get one on one personalized
service and state of the art technology and payroll software.

Payroll Services

If you own a small to medium-sized business with more than a few employees, you already know that payroll is complicated. It seems like every year a new piece of federal, state, or local legislation related to payroll is passed that
you need to comply with.

CFO Services

Maybe you’ve been trying to take care of your business financials in your spare time (or ignoring them altogether), but quickly realized it’s a losing battle because unless you’re an accounting professional yourself, your expertise lies elsewhere.

Preparations, Compilations, & Reviews

As a business owner, you may be accountable to creditors, private investors, and shareholders, all of whom are interested in ensuring that the company’s financial statements accurately represent the true financial position of the

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow refers to the movement of money flowing into and out of a business. Positive cash flow is when you bring in more money than you spend. It is what every business owner strives for because it enables you to pay your
liabilities and invest in your business.

Financial Analyst

Bank Financing

If you’ve tried - and been unsuccessful at - obtaining bank financing for your small business without the help of a trusted advisor like us, you may be wondering where you went wrong.

Financial Planning

If you've been in business for a while, you could be coasting along, stuck in the routine of payroll, taxes, and worrying about cash flow. Sure, you're probably earning a good living, but maybe you’ve been wondering if there's any way you could become even more profitable--without making too many changes to your business practices.

Financial Report
Business Handshake

Business Transfer

Developing and implementing a well-designed succession plan is essential to the survival of any family business. Yet, while eighty-five percent of family-owned firms have identified a family member as a successor, just one in eight has a succession plan in place.

Business Planning

The decision to start a new business is an exciting one, but as every experienced business owner knows, there’s more to it than developing a product and hoping it sells.

Colleagues at Work

Legal Disputes

Many legal disputes involve financial matters and they often require analyzing complex financial, accounting, and tax

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